All the challenges can be found here:

All ideas should be submitted under a challenge. 

Teams size can only be between 1-5 people. You can choose to work alone but we will not accept teams with 6 people or more. 

Judging Criteria

The main judging criteria can be found below:

  • Originality

    • Uniqueness and features of product/process/service

    • The degree to which the product/process/service is disruptive

  • Progress

    • Extra effort and challenges the team experienced during the hackathon

    • Project progress during the hackathon

  • Impact

    • The potential impact of the outcome

    • How does the solution tackle the problem?

    • Is the idea viable outside of the hackathon?

  • Demo

    • How good is the demo, presentation, and quality?

    • How well did the team communicate their idea and project?